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© Stephen Davison (Pacemaker Press International)

Name: Michael Rutter
Nickname: The Blade
Born: 18th April 1972
From: Wordsley, England

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Of course, the first question every newspaper, magazine or any given journalist will ask: What about Michael Rutter? They call him 'The Blade' . . . but is he as sharp as ever?
He is indeed a legend – you do not win 8 Macau Grands Prix without having the guts or talent for it.
Many people ask when he will retire and some have whispered that his work here is finished. But never underestimate an old dog. He struggled a lot to keep pace with the pack in the British Superbike but as part of a privateer team with his trusted sponsor Batham you couldn't really have expected more.



Name: Stephen Thompson
Nickname: Hong Kong Thompson
Born: 29th Mar 1976
From: Belfast, Northern IRL

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Hong Kong Thompson is how he’s known. He's a kind of family affair. He was the first rider to ride for us when we moved to Macau in 2006. So when the BMW Motorrad team was looking for a reliable but fast rider, with a proven record, a humble character that could also handle the German mentality as well as somebody who surely doesn't take it too far to the edge and risk a crash when you are not up for victory in Macau's streets, well the choice came down to Stephen – a trusted friend. There is only one thing he has to commit to . . . being as calm and stable as he has been in the past and keeping pace with the German squad in its precise working spirit – not to mention the team nights out.



Name: Dan Kruger 
Nickname: Danno
Born: 24th June 1970
From: Winnipeg, Canada

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Also a novice on the road racing scene since 2014, he made his debut in the North West 200 and the TT for the German team. Achieving a 24th place in the Superbike race at the North West, he withdrew from the Isle of Man races after the practices out of respect for his teammate Simon Andrews. A couple of months later he teamed up with Michael Dunlop - again on the red and blue BMW S1000R - for the Joey Dunlop Open in Germany, finishing a strong 6th.